GRUNN – Pioneers in the Province

Here we will share updates on the game GRUNN, to be released fall 2022. In addition we will share an English version of the game rules here (the box only has Dutch rules). The game will be availabe at the 30 participating museums in the province of Groningen. An additional kicker: the game is standalone and offers plenty of replay value, yet can also be expanded by collecting scenario cards at each of those museums! The cards are free, alter the rules of a game and can even be combined.

Grunn, Pioneers in the Provence is a game in which 1 to 6 players create their own version of the province. Gameplay is family friendy, and about optimizing the puzzle, as each type of lanscape tile scores victory points in different ways. Developing landscapes means in this game, turning over the tile, which generates income and offers the opportunity to construct buildings for even more victory points.

While the game is entertainment first, the types of landscape and how they were developed are historically correct. GRUNN is how the locals in spoken language call the province.

For now, check out this article on the development process. And get a preview on the art for the landscape tiles:

The game has been playtested awith museum workers, students, citizen of the province, tabletop gamers and ‘non’-gamers at peoples’ homes, during the playtesting nights of the Dutch Game Design Guild and at bigger events. This project has been made possible by ‘Museum aan der Aa’ and Toukomst / Nationaal Programma Groningen.

Once the game is available, the QR code on the game box will refer to this webpage for an pdf with the English rules.

Use the URL of this website page or the QR code at the lef side to refer to this project.