Capo della Mafia

A Mafia themed bluffing game for 3 to 7 players. Earn respect to become the next Capo (boss) to be promoted within the family business. This game has a ‘poker’ vibe to it and is about bluffing well when needed and realising when other players are bluffing. It has simultaneous play, hand management and the special character cards spice up the game play. This game is released by 999 Games in the Netherlands end of 2017. The game can be played by older kids, so can be considered a family game (being about mafia the theme is less innocent, of course). Students and adult liked it for sure. Cigars and whiskey not included in the game… Pictures of the game (as seen on Boardgamegeek) below and you can check out the video trailer).


Tricky Dungeon

A trick taking game for 2 to 4 players that adds a lot of new twists and variability. Each round one player chooses 1 hero that changes the game and defines how gold can be earned. The other players try to stop that player. The game comes with 15 heroes and a few different play modes to spice things up after playing it a while.


It started out with a complete different theme, the three musketeers. It won a game design contest at Noorderspel 2014 and after further development it will be published by Pumpkin Games at the beginning of 2018.

The awesome illustrations are made by Victor Corbella and you can see all of them here. You can read more about Tricky Dungeon on BoardGameGeek and in this Dutch article here. Check out the publisher and the game rules at Pumpkin Games!