Blog – Impressions Day Jam November 2018

Together with Study Association Glitch we had another Day Jam at our CMD study with Game Design students. Make a game in 24 hours! This time it was making an analogue game with very specific theme challenges. All teams managed to present a playable prototype after a day, some with created unique art. It is very cool to see students take on this event, for no credits and skip sleep in their week during blocks and deadlines.

The challenges, thanks to this game theme generator :IMG_4133

Four teams presented their games Friday afternoon and played each other games. It is impressive how much game there can be created in such a short amount of time. They are far from done, but each showed a spark, something that could be developed further. It illustrates how a pressure cooker of time can sometimes good focus and production. We talked about how students could use this next block with their regular group project.

And finally the prizes that teams could win, in spirit of education, were 2 game design books: The Art of Game Design, a book of lenses, by Jesse Schell & The Gamer’s Brain, how neuroscience and UX can impact video game design, by Celia HodentIMG_4140

Next up will be the international Global Game Jam event in January! And after the semester we will have another Day Jam.

Game on!

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