May Day Jam 2019 – Impressions

During the May holiday break a few students took on the challenge to create a game in 24 hours (!). My colleague Sean kicked of the event at our ‘makerspace’ with 3 random generated themes to be used for inspiration (1 at least): regression, x-ray and affection.


Three student worked solo on a game and managed to create a thematic experience. First of all: an idle game in which you numb the masses as a tv station with bland content, advertisements and indoctrination:

Another one, a break out game in which the hairline is actively regressed and the designer confronted himself with his future boldness, Red Hair Redemption:

Special kudos to the next game, which felt it could be published with some further development: ‘Regression to the Middle’ showcases this statistical phenomenon with a cute 1-button game. This felt as the most polished game, by also having a self-made music track:

Together with some non CMD students there were 2 bigger teams that created impressive games.

One is a local-coop game in which up to 4 players can’t see which avatars are npc’s and who are player controlled. Players score points by taking the  1 rose that is controlled by someone and then bring it to the 1 lady on the dance floor. Really smart was how players got feedback whether they have the invisible rose: their controller gives haptic feedback:

Another team wanted to integrate all 3 key words. In the end they presented a tabletop game with integrated AR (eh x-ray vision!), which help you check what secret desires anime ladies have. Then players secretly or openly offer gifts and try to successfully date a lady. All this to earn the most charm points. Gameplay was still a bit rough, but the AR integration was well done:


We closed off the event with some snacks and drinks and playing the games. And had some playtesting of a card game of mine, grateful for the feedback guys.

Impressive jamming, well done!


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