Impressive Jamming

In May we initiated another Day Jam, make a game in 24 hours. Students from year 1, 2 and 4 (and non-students) participated during their holiday break. Respect.

My colleague Sean kicked it off with the theme on Thursday 3 May ‘endings and beginnings. The next day the teams presented their games. There were 4 digital games and 1 tabletop game. And damn, it was impressive. All the games had something going for them and some felt quite smooth already. It was very enjoyable to play the games.

Big thumbs up to the organisers and participants!

Looking back – Test & Chill January 2018

In January we held another playtesting event at CMD Hanze Applied University. Around 60 students playtested 20 games and concepts, ranging from tabletop card games and party games to digital games. Some using hardware like a Hololens and augmented reality glasses. So all in all another great turnup, with students from year 1 ranging to year 4. Check out the pictures below. 

Next block we will have another one! Bring your prototype, or just come over to see what others made (and play it!). For those interested in non-digital / hybrid games: there is the monthly Spellenmaakgilde (game design guild) tabletop testing night on Friday 2 February. It is their 3 year anniversary!

Looking back: Test & Chill December 2017

Thursday 14 December we had another Test & Chill event at our multimedia design study. More than 45 students of our major Game Design and the minor Game On showed up to have their games playtested, nice!

In total 15+ games -applied & entertainment- were tested, including: rough early digital prototypes, paper prototypes, a Hololens game, an escape room for 3, games for mobile, a dating simulator, platformer games,  analogue / card games.

All in all the attendance was high, with students bringing interesting projects, sharing feedback and creating a good vibe. Looking forward to the next one in January!

Looking back: Day Jam November ’17

At our major Game Design students learn making games. Besides all the theories, assignments and projects one of my colleagues Sean had the idea to organise additional game jams to support the learning and to let students really feel they are studying Game Design. Game Jams are a great way to get more hands on experience, try something out, see how much you can accomplish within limited time. It offers additional practice to everyone interested, without didactical constraints. Aspiring game designers should make more games.

We decided -practically- to offer 24 hours, making it a ‘Day Jam’. The student association Glitch helped out with organising again and Mimosa Lethinen made another stunning poster concept. Thanks for all the support! day jam november 2017

As the first years’ students are still learning programming, we made this a tabletop challenge. As an extra challenge we asked there should not be separate rules, but learning the game should be integrated in the gameplay experience. Not easy, but good to practice a specific challenge.

More than 6 teams participated. The results were impressive. Some teams made really nice looking prototypes, others managed to had quite some playtesting and iteration done and could showcase a prototype that was quite playable already. It is really hard to get to a finished game in 24 hours, but it is the practice that counts.

All in all, this seemed nice and worth repeating! Probably a digital game Day Jam (or both). Check out these pictures to get an impression of the November event:


Looking back: Test & Chill November 2017

First week of November we organised another playtesting event. Again the student association Glitch helped out. It was very nice to see how multiple games were tested, being personal projects, as well as study related projects. Despite all the deadlines. There were digital games, naturally, and a good amount of analogue ones. Students from all ranks participated, which I really like.

As a bonus I could playtest 2 card ideas I am working on. 🙂